Long live the guitar magazine!


Here’s a message from Chris Vinnicombe, the editor of Guitar & Bass magazine – now rebranded as ‘The Guitar Magazine’

It’s now two years on from our successful redesign and relaunch of Guitar & Bass. Not only have our print mag sales grown year-on-year and bucked trends elsewhere in the UK guitar magazine market, but we also scooped the Relaunch Of The Year and Editor Of The Year awards at the PPA Independent Publisher Awards 2016. We’ve had real success digitally, too, having built a Facebook audience that consistently has a higher number of engaged users than the rest of the UK guitar press combined. We’re also making great strides in video and are working regularly with high-profile clients to put their product launches in front of tens and even hundreds of thousands of guitar enthusiasts on Facebook and YouTube.

Central to the next phase of our development is the decision to unify our digital and print presence under the banner of The Guitar Magazine, the original name that the mag launched as in 1991 and still the best and most literal name for a guitar magazine imaginable. We’ll also have a new web url – www.theguitarmagazine.com – which is now live and coincides with the August issue of The Guitar Magazine, which was on sale from 7 July.

Bass players: don’t panic. We might be losing ‘& Bass’ from the masthead but we’re continuing to support the bass market with regular content – bass is a fundamental part of the guitar family and our research suggests that a significant percentage of our audience play and lust after bass gear as well as obsessing about their next guitar purchase.