Webinar on URICA Supply Chain Funding


The MIA’s supply chain finance partner, URICA, was launched to the industry a month ago (see more here)

Next Friday, on the 28th July, URICA are hosting a webinar focused on what supply chain funding is and what differentiates URICA in the alternative funding space. The content is going to be relevant for both retailers and suppliers.

Supply chain funding is a little known alternative finance solution. Unlike supply chain finance, supply chain funding can work up and down the supply chain. It is accessible to all business sizes, not just big established firms, and could dramatically improve your working capital and cash flow management.

URICA specialises in supply chain funding and has now funded several thousands of businesses over the last few years. Supply chain funding is for businesses that:

– Want to strengthen their working capital position

– Want to manage their cash flow better

– Need flexibility with their payment and credit terms

– Need certainty of payment and want to avoid late payment

– Want to work with bigger clients and need to accept longer credit terms

– Want to pay suppliers promptly and yet have extended credit

In this webinar, we will cover all of these aspects and how they can benefit your business

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For more information about the Webinar:  http://info.urica.com/urica-webinar

For more information about URICA: https://urica.com/