Expressive-E Touché software update


Expressive-E has today announced a major new update to their Lié control software.

This version expands the preset library of Touché both for hardware and software synths, in an effort to provide the user new creative options and new ways to explore the capabilities of Touché’s versatile and precise sensitivity.

The update also brings new features to Lié that will ease even more the process of setting up Touché, creating new sounds and playing with the instrument.

The goal of the Expressive E team is to make the whole experience with Touché even more plug-and-play at each update, to make sure that using Touché is both fun and intuitive.

So, what’s new?

Expressive E is making a step further with the hardware presets. The new presets are based on the factory presets from a selection of modern synthesisers, and now feature full parameter mapping instead of just CC renaming, making the experience even more plug-and play than before.


Expressive E is adding new third-party plug-ins to the list of software presets for Touché. Already included were Native Instruments Massive, Prism, and Razor, and Lennar Digital Sylenth1. This update brings new presets for Native Instruments Monark, U-He Diva, Reveal Sound Spire, KV331 Synthmaster, and Arturia Mini V, SEM V and ARP 2600.


Touché and Lié ships with a great number of sounds tailor-made from scratch for Touché. With Lié 1.2 Expressive E adds 50 new presets to the list, all ready to be played out of the box with the bundled player UVI Workstation.


New Features of Lié : 

  • Automatic Firmware Update : Prompts the user to upgrade their firmware if Lié detects that the version of Touché is too old. If the user accepts, the process starts immediately, no need to browse for a file or do anything else.
  • Manual re-calibration : Touché auto-calibrates itself each time it is powered. With Manual calibration, Touché will re-calibrate each time you press and hold the two buttons at the same time until the LEDs stop blinking.
  • Improved plug-in scan : Prompts the user to scan for plug-ins if the plug-in list is empty when Lié opens. The scanning process is now much more stable.
  • Other minor improvements : Cancel button added in the preset modification window, toggle on/off for the preset modification window, and bug-fixes.

Expressive E is planning to release an open beta for the Windows version of Lié. Subscribe to the list of beta-testers to get early access to Lié for Windows, and help Expressive E improve it!