The MIA and Kerching Retail announce “The Future of Music Retail”


Today the MIA are excited to be launching “The Future of Music Retail” programme in association with Kerching Retail!  A series of articles, regional workshops and video training materials, designed to help our retail members flourish in today’s tough trading climate and in the years to come.

So what can you expect from the programme?

Each week our articles, designed for owners and leaders of music retail businesses, will explore topics affecting the immediate and longer term viability of Music Retail, including:

  • Retail models better suited to support music retailers with high fixed costs, such as bricks and mortar retailers and multiples with branches in town and city centres.
  • Evaluating head on, the long term viability of some existing business models in our sector, offering thoughts on how they might adapt and evolve to a new retail landscape.  Avoiding the mistakes of failed businesses that did not heed the warning or trajectory of changing consumer behaviour.
  • Music Retailers providing tangible and sustainable added value to the customer journey
  • Measuring retail experiences, through the eyes of a changing customer.

The articles are designed to provoke discussion, offer fresh thinking and drive change within music retailers who are still grappling with the new world order.

Regional Workshops

Our “Future of Music Retail” workshops are designed for store/branch managers and supervisors, responsible for driving the performance of shop floor sales teams.

Adopting a train the trainer type approach we will be exploring skills store teams need, to increase productivity, sales performance and profitability.  We will provide the learning tools for shop floor training through an online learning platform and share the skills to measure and manage behavioural change within a sales team.

Sessions will explore new opportunities for teams to sell profitable add on products and unique services.

Workshops will share the ingredients for managers to develop extraordinary and future proof retail experiences that reverse the trend of declining footfall and profitability.

Our regional workshops are London Monday 18th June, Birmingham Tuesday 19th June, Leeds Wednesday 20th June, Manchester Thursday 21st June.

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Training Content

Our video training materials are for front line retail staff, with newly shot content, designed to improve conversion and profitability of sales in store.

We’re excited about the future of music retail, are you?