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Make music and feel better.

Get Healthy! – Making music improves your health. Evidence from around the world has proved that playing a musical instrument can:

  • Help Asthma sufferers reduce their symptoms
  • Relieve stress and increase well-being
  • Build muscle strength and aid recovery
  • Enhance the function of the immune system

Get Back! – Making music keeps you younger. An increasing amount of research shows that for older people making music can delay the signs of ageing and help with the symptoms of some degenerative diseases. Making music, particularly within a group setting, can:

  • Help decrease anxiety, loneliness and depression
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Help improve memory
  • Give a general sense of well-being

By 2020 over half the population will be over 50 and this ever increasing group will face new challenges in maintaining their health and well-being.

Get Smart! – Making music makes you smarter

Music can play an important role in the development of children – from pre birth to the end of their education. Quality music education can open the door to many important benefits:

  • It can help children manage information, think about and solve problems, be adaptive, learn continuously and work well with others.
  • Students who play music tend to achieve higher test scores.
  • Playing music enhances creativity and self-expression
  • Playing in a group can reinforce self-discipline and teamwork.

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