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The Music Industries Association is the only trade body serving the interests of UK suppliers and retailers of musical instruments and associated products.

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Joining the MIA couldn’t be simpler! Click here to apply online or call 01403 800500 to request a postal application form.

Why join the MIA?

Enjoy a fantastic range of membership benefits

The MIA is constantly negotiating the best benefits package for its members to help find ways for your business to sell more, cut your costs and protect your interests. The package includes the FREE MIA Business Support Help Line, preferential rates for credit card clearing and attractive insurance rates. Click here to view some of the current membership benefits.

But don't take our word for it..........


Access the MIA Members Enclosure

The MIA Members Enclosure is the online resource centre for all MIA members. Containing details of all the latest benefits it also provides resources and advice relating to all aspects of your business from human resource issues through to legal proceedings and waste equipment disposal. Access to the Members Enclosure will also provide you with the latest news and views from the Music Industry and the MIA with reports on current issues and results of exclusive industry research.

Be part of a dynamic community

The MIA brings together the many diverse parts of the music industry ranging across suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and publishers. We liaise with many other music bodies in the UK and worldwide in order to see and communicate the "big picture" to our members.

Receive a constant flow of industry information

The MIA publishes an e-bulletin, MIANews, every weekday, which provides information, news and views of interest to members. We also send out ad hoc information throughout the year on topics as varied as retail ideas, charitable events and petitions to lobby the Government.

Influence the success of our industry

The MIA is recognised by the UK Government as being the "lead body" for our industry. The level of influence and contribution we can make to governmental policy in relation to our industry is dependent on us speaking for as many members as possible.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our members have said about the benefits of joining the MIA;

“I have used the Business Support Helpline many times – I guess I would have spent my MIA membership many times using my own firm of solicitors.” Mr. Music

“The MIA legal helpline recently saved me thousands of pounds in costs by helping me to challenge a scam that ended up in the courts.” East Coast Wind

“The bulk of us found our way into the industry because of a love of music else we'd all have proper jobs, but to promote what is in effect the end result of our individual musical passions takes a mass of organisation and co-ordination and that is why we as a company become ever more active with the help of the MIA at promoting the industry as a whole as well as ourselves because so much more can be achieved.

From the direct benefits of schemes such as "Take it Away" to introductions that can lead to something as dramatic as our recent triumph at the NIA in Birmingham, the MIA is an essential part of our industry's future and in my view demands our utmost support.” PMT

You’ll be in great company when you join! Details of our current members, including those who have recently joined the MIA, can be found here.

Membership Rates

The MIA membership subscription rates for retailers and suppliers are based on company turn-over, making it accessible and affordable for all levels of business. Allied Trade members can join for one, very competitive, flat-rate fee. For full details of each membership category and the current rates please select the appropriate link below.

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Apply online here!

How to join Joining the MIA couldn’t be simpler! Click here to apply online or call 01403 800500 to request a postal application form.

What happens next?

After your completed application form has been received, your nominated referees will be contacted and references requested. Once these have been received and approved, an invoice will be sent out for your membership subscription. As soon as you have paid the invoice a membership pack will be sent to you and you are then a member with entitlement to all the membership benefits. The whole process takes on average three weeks depending on the speed of response from referees and method of payment.

Any questions?

Please contact 01403 800500 or email if you have any questions about your membership application.

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