Subscription rates

There are four categories of membership:


This category is for UK shops, showrooms and businesses making retail sales to the general public and which are UK VAT registered.


In order to qualify for this category, it is necessary to show that either a realistic proportion of the business carried out is actual manufacture or that the business is a genuine wholesale distributor making sales from stock to the retail trade. There should be a trade catalogue available, warehouse premises in the UK and a recognisable sales and distribution organisation. Small size is not a bar to membership.

Small British Manufacturers

This category is designed to accommodate small craft workshop making instruments – even one man businesses can qualify. Note, however, that the reduced subscription is limited to Members who have fewer than five employees and a current turnover of less than £100,000 per annum.

Allied Trade

This category is open to publishers who sell and distribute music publications it is also designed to accommodate businesses and organisations that offer products and services associated with the musical instrument industry. Members of the music press and other media may also apply for Allied Trade Membership.

Membership Subscriptions

Subscription rates for 1st April 2017 – 31st March 2018 are as follows:-



Turnover Fee
£10m and over £1499
£5m – £9,999,999 £999
£1m – £4,999,999 £649
£500k – £999,999 £499
£150k – £499,999 £399
Below £150k £249


Retailers joining for the first time
Special Deal of 50% of the above subscription rate
(Subsequent years will be charged according at full rate)


Turnover Fee
£5m – £9,999,999 £2399
£1m – £4,999,999 £1699
£500k – £999,999 £1099
£150k – £499,999 £699
Below £150k £399
Below £100k
(Small British manufacturers only)
(1 person operation under £75k)

All subscriptions are subject to VAT at the prevailing standard rate.