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Making Music In the UK 2014

21 July 2014

In 2005 we mapped the shape of the UK in terms of the numbers of music makers, where they lived and what they played.

The data had never been collated before and it detailed the 21% of the population (aged over 5 years) that played an instrument. As importantly, it showed how many millions wanted to start playing and how many millions wanted to start playing again. This gave fuel to our oft-used quote that there were more in the UK wanting to play an instrument than those that already did!

We decided it was time to re-commission the same research and to compare the results between the intervening periods.

Here is the great headline from the new data:

• The excellent news it that the figure of 21% of the population has now grown to 28%, which is 16.7 million people playing an instrument!

Want to know where are the most musical parts of the UK, we have it, plus all the reasons why people stop playing and even the way people are now learning (a HUGE growth in people self-teaching), this report details all of this and much more!

If you would like a copy of the 50 page report you can order this on the Publications page or please email 

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