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What does the MIA do?

The Music Industries Association has existed in various forms for over 100 years and has been consistently dedicated towards growing the market of musical instruments by means of the mission: "CREATING AND ENCOURAGING MUSIC MAKING"

Delivering this mission takes many forms and recent examples of our activities include:

  • The MIA charity for the industry, Music for All raises money to help people to play an instrument. The charity has been teaching young people in schools and has also helped to get new instruments or lessons to those that are not able to themselves. The Charity also runs the Learn to Play Day where MIA retailers offer free taster lessons to the public, this has been a great success for the two years it has been running.
    The MIA conducts promotional activities based on analysing academic and medical research work from all around the world. 
  • In 2009, the MIA published a free guide Quality Instruments for Education that worked in partnership with the Department for Children and various music education bodies to provide helpful information on buying a musical instrument. The guide has been used by schools, parents, children, PTA's etc.
  • The MIA led the 1998 "Campaign for Music in the Curriculum" that ended with the UK becoming the only country in the world to have compulsory instrumental education in the classroom for all children aged from 5-14 years. This has ensured not only that the market for school instruments is preserved, but that all children now have the experience of making music for many years. This must have a huge positive influence on the size of the future UK market.
  • Every year we hold the MIA Musical Instrument Awards, the most comprehensive and definitive awards for instruments and associated products in the industry.
  • Our members benefit from savings on a wide range of business services that we can negotiate at good rates and pass the benefits on. Examples include commercial insurance, credit card and handling fees and a free business and legal information phone line.

MIA Committees
The MIA runs a number of Committees to help us shape and deliver our initiatives. Committee members come from all across the industry (not just the MIA) bringing vast experience and expertise to help the MIA achieve its’ mission.

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The MIA Education Committee
The MIA Exhibitions Committee
The MIA Retailers Committee
The MIA Compliance Group

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