A week of music making!


We are announcing a key week of music-making activities in June this year that will bring together TWO great events in the UK:

Music for All are partnering with Making Music to support and grow Make Music Day on Wednesday June 21st

Secondly, we are moving Learn to Play Day to the following weekend of Saturday June 24th and Sunday June 25th

We are offering the opportunity to all our shops, suppliers and partners to get involved in either or both events!

Make Music Day:

This event currently takes place in 750 Cities across 120 Countries around the world (always on June 21st) and is a major celebration of music-making that brings musicians from across the community out onto the streets to entertain, perform and educate the general public. To date, the UK has not really embraced the event and we want to change that! The NAMM Foundation are supporting the event in the USA and last year New York ran 1000 music “happenings” on the day.

It can range from a blues guitarist playing outside a music shop, right through to an orchestra playing in a shopping centre. There are no “rules”, it is a celebration of music all designed to inspire and entertain!

We will be facilitating the day with special support to help musicians get involved and to identify locations where people can play.

To see more, go to www.makemusicday.org

Learn to Play Day

Returning for its’ sixth year, the Learn to Play Day offers the chance for the general public to have a free “taster” lesson on a range of musical instruments. Music shops are the bedrock of venues taking part (and it is open to all shops this year), but many others run the day including Music Services, rehearsal rooms, music schools and community music projects….all are welcome!

To see the day in action, go to  http://www.musicforall.org.uk/learntoplayday/

Our aim with this week of activities is to create a whole host of new music makers and to bring lapsed music makers back into action!

If you would like to be involved in either or both events, please contact sophie@mia.org.uk as soon as possible.