Lace releases new “Aluma Disk”™ acoustic sound hole pickup


Cypress, California- Lace Music Products is showing the new, Aluma Disc™ magnetic pickup for acoustic guitar.

Building upon the Lace ®, patented “current driven” technology, Aluma Disc™, offers the player a pickup which offers both feedback suppression and amplified sound in one unit. As natural feedback occurs thru many playing situations, the Aluma Disc ™ covers the entire soundhole area while also acting as the magnetic pickup for the guitar.

Based on patented Alumitone® technology which uses an initial “current” rather than voltage design, the pickup is the soundhole feedback suppressor in simple terms.

An elegant design with simple installation gives the Aluma Disc™ a true acoustic tone without any noise or feedback. Conventional magnetic designs would incur a large coil as per of the pickup, whereas the Aluma Disc™ coil is designed with 95 percent less copper wire. The Aluma Disc™ winding weighs a mere 3 oz., thus defeating the chance of coil feedback and eliminating outside noise completely.

The Aluma Disc™, will be available in the UK, Spring 2017, from Hinesite Distribution Ltd., Tel: 01634 241213 or

The suggested retail price is £129.99.

For more information see the Aluma Disc™ and all other Lace pickups at or on pickups.