CITES update – help for shops and customers


In our latest update following the Rosewood restrictions, here are some guidance notes to help UK retailers, suppliers and consumers alike:

General update

  • Applications are currently planned to be processed within 15 days by the authorities. Please let us know if this proves to be the case!
  • This time scale starts when they have a complete application. A complete application includes all the supporting information needed to process it, together with the correct fee.
  • The cost of licences is set out in a Statutory Instrument (SI) and cannot be altered without the changes being authorised by Parliament.
  • For your information, this is a link to the charging schedule for plant specimens:
  • Whilst there is provision in the Regulations for semi-complete (re)-export permits, APHA will not consider these unless an applicant exports exceptionally  large quantities of specimens on at least  a monthly basis and has a minimum of a 2 year track record of making applications

Specific Shop and Consumer advice

  • Annex B listed specimens (ie Rosewood) do not require CITES documents to authorise trade within the EU. Documents are only required for commercial exports to and from third countries outside the EU. However any person can be challenged to show that a specimen was lawfully imported, either before or after listing.
  • Some suppliers are advising shops to write the serial number of the guitar on both customer and shop copy of receipts
  • This is a very good idea and will show an audit trail, and assist with compliance. However this is not a legal requirement.
  • Of course, some (many) instruments do not have serial numbers…..
  • In this case, APHA advise  pointing out to customers the restrictions in place and providing a receipt with as much information as possible about where the guitar has come from would be helpful and encourage compliance with the requirements of the CITES Regulations.
  • We have also been advised that taking photos of instruments as a record is also useful, especially showing distinguishing features

India and Indonesia

  • No news yet on India and Indonesia coming up with some sort of Compromise Documentation during the Reservation period
  • The EU Commission will advise us when anything gets sorted

We will keep the updates coming and have put some useful links in a CITES box on the right hand of our website.