CITES update – Ivory and Training Courses


As we continue to work with DEFRA/APHA and CITES, we bring you the latest news and updates:

  • We submitted all the names of companies who said they would like to attend the DEFRA Training Days at their Bristol HQ. You will shortly get an invite to one of 2 courses.
  • Paperwork is clearly starting to be checked around the world in relation to shipments of guitars….we now know of 2 containers that have been “held up” in the Far East without the correct documents…..
  • We understand that Indonesia and India are close to be able to supply “appropriate documents” to get round the issue created by the “reservation” they have both adopted (see previous articles)
  • Prince William (who I am sure is meaning well) is now creating a real concern for business and consumers alike in calling for a TOTAL BAN on sales of all ivory made after the 1947 exemption date.
  • Even the British Museum is taking a stand against what could potentially see the current artefacts of historical importance turned into valueless “artworks of shame”.
  • The Government Consultation on Ivory next steps will commence shortly.
  • We gather that the trade in “worked” items including works of art and ornaments would continue to be allowed.
  • We naturally want to lobby for that to include violin bows and pianos!