Great news for Music Venues!


Important update from our friends at the Music Venue Trust

The UK government has published its Housing White Paper and buried within it (in the annex at A.140 and A.141) is another huge breakthrough for grassroots music venues.

In response to various representations, the government has announced that in relation to noise and other impacts on
new developments:

A.140 The National Planning Policy Framework, supported by planning guidance, already incorporates elements of the ‘agent of change’ principle (this provides that the person or business responsible for the
change should be responsible for managing the impact of that change) in relation to noise, by being clear that existing businesses wanting to grow should not have unreasonable restrictions put on them because of changes in nearby land uses since they were established.

A.141 We propose to amend the Framework to emphasise that planning policies and decisions should take account of existing businesses and other organisations, such as churches, community pubs, music venues and sports clubs, when locating new development nearby and, where necessary, to mitigate the impact of noise and other potential nuisances arising from existing development. This will help mitigate the risk of restrictions or possible closure of existing businesses and other organisations due to noise and other complaints from occupiers of new developments.

This extends the impact of existing agent of change style legislation and advice. It’s another huge step forward for protecting music venues.

Congratulations and thanks once again to our colleagues at UK Music and Musicians’ Union who have been supporting us in making presentations to government across two years.

Read the Housing White Paper:…/Fixing_our_broken_housing_market_-_hou…