Holograms to teach children


Original article by Mark Blunden

HOLOGRAPHY is the science of making a three-dimensional image of an object using the special light from a LASER. Unlike photography, which only records the brightness and contrast of an object, a HOLOGRAM records brightness, contrast and DIMENSION (through what is known as phase information). This allows holography to display the final image in true 3D. It is the most accurate 3D image in the world today. You do not need any special glasses to view a hologram. Although the hologram is most famous for 3D images, holograms can also be of a 2D image as well (see next paragraph). What both share in common is that they were created through the use of a LASER.

Did you know it takes two eyes to see in 3D? Its true! Its because the field of vision of each eye overlaps the other that we can see in three dimensions. Your brain can tell from the slight differences in position of where each of your eyes is looking, where in 3D space the thing you are looking at actually is. Try covering one eye and then reaching out to grab something. Its hard. That’s because we need 3D vision to be able to judge where things are

Interactive holograms of teachers can now be beamed into classrooms from the other side of the world.

A life-sixed “humaGram” was being exhibited for the first time in Britain, using the same technology that will digitally resurrect rapper The Notorious B.I.G. for a tour with his widow, Faith Evans.

The projections allow students to ask questions and interact with a teacher or expert anywhere that has fast broadband.

Ian Curtis, of Promethean, which has acquired the technology for educational use, said the system could provide “remote teaching” where there is a skills shortage.