MIA News opportunities for the industry


MIA News reaches the biggest database in the industry and is updated every week to target the full breadth of MI. We have over 5,000 recipients who receive our daily bulletins.

The newsletter simply exists to communicate industry-related news stories, thought pieces and press releases to the widest possible MI audience.

We are pleased to feature press and pr releases plus opinion articles on behalf of the industry. This can be from shops, suppliers and educators, everyone is welcome! Please send any stories (plus an image and links) to news@mia.org.uk.

MIA News also offers the chance to advertise your company or product. Please see option 1 below along with size dimensions and pricing.

Option 1

Ads spaced down right hand side of newsletter – 258 x 138px – 10 available Per week = £75 or 4 weeks for the price of 3 = £225

All adverts need to be of the above specification and can be either an image (jpeg) – graphic or photo, a video link, text, text with link (to your landing page) or GIF.

If you also send over a link with your advert – we can then link the ad directly to the page/site you are promoting.

And…we also have a JOBS page on our website https://www.mia.org.uk/jobs/ where we promote companies vacancies who are looking to recruit. If you wish to advertise a job in our newsletter (standard ad down right hand side) it will cost £50 per week. This will also be added to the JOBS page on the MIA website.

For any enquiries please contact news@mia.org.uk / 01403 800500.