Oboe Day 2017


Just over a month remains before OBOE DAY 2017 at the Royal Overseas League House in London. There will be a day long celebration of the oboe with performance classes, reed making classes and ensemble playing. The day is hosted by Crowthers of Canterbury and Loree Oboes (Paris). It will feature concerts, ensemble playing and public masterclasses led by Alison Teale, James Turnbull (founder of Learntoplaytheoboe,com), Matthew Draper and Ian Crowther.

There are also special reed making kits available to purchase in advance at a special price so that you are well equipped to take part in the reed making and adjusting glasses held by Matthew Draper. This is a great opportunity for beginner reed makers and advanced students alike.

This day should be a lovely occasion for oboists and oboe music enthusiasts to attend.

For more information please visit http://oboeday.co.uk

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Founder, http://learntoplaytheoboe.com/