Retail Round-up


A selection of headlines from the UK

  • Retail price inflation now running at 1.8%
  • Wholesale prices now up 3.5% on last year
  • Manufacturing prices now up 20% on last year
  • UK footfall in January down 1.3% on 2016
  • January UK sales were down 0.1% on 2016
  • Online sales within this grew by 26.6% hitting a 2 year high for a single month
  • Town Centre vacancy rates now down to 9.4%….reducing trend
  • But, this still equates to 15 High Street shops shutting every day………..
  • Aldi has now overtaken Co-op as UK’s 5th largest grocer
  • Aldi market share is now 6.2%
  • The price of a basket of groceries rose by 0.7% last month… upward trend is starting
  • Fuel prices have now reached a 2 year high