Business Rates Update


Business rates seems to be in the press every day at the moment and it finally seems like the government might be taking notice, although we are not holding our breath.

One thing for sure is that business rates are not going to go away given that it accounts for around £26billion in revenue to the government every year.

Whatever changes lie ahead and whatever spin the government puts on them it is important that you remember that you can still debate your business rates bill.

Our partners at RatesRecovery are ready to check whether you can save and all you need to do is send them your rates bill or upload a copy to

It’s free and without obligation.

RatesRecovery have achieved some excellent savings for MIA members in the past and we would like them to help more of you, given the way some rates bills are increasing.

If you need help call Nick Wright at RatesRecovery on 0800 955 1234