Porter & Davies welcome Stone Sour’s Roy Mayorga


…And Their Online Shop Goes Multi Currency

Porter & Davies, world famous developers and manufacturers of the leading silent tactile monitoring systems, are delighted to welcome Roy Mayorga and Atom Willard to their artist roster.

The BC2 was recently purchased by Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga because ‘its F****** AMAZING!…… the seat is definitely making me groove even more.’  The power and intuition of Roy’s intense grooves is an integral part of the Stone Sour sound. He will be using his BC2 on the band’s summer American tour. Stone Sour released a 10th anniversary special edition of their critically acclaimed album ‘Come What(ever) May’ last December.

Another new artist, ‘Atom’ David Willard is also discovering the benefits of his BC Gigster. Atom, one of modern punks most prolific drummers, is now suppling the hard hitting thunderous performance that is the driving force behind punk rock band Against Me! He will be taking his Gigster on the forthcoming USA tour before moving to Australia and Europe later in the summer, where they can be seen at the UK’s Slamdunk festival. Their seventh studio album ‘Shape Shift With Me” was released in September 2016.

Porter & Davies continue to focus on customers as part of their global strategy. Their dynamic new website and online shop has just experienced a major update. It now detects where visitors to the site are located in the world and displays product prices for systems and bundles in the local currency, as well as GBP. Dual pricing, at the rate of exchange correct on the day, is now clearly visible all the way through to the final basket.

Discover the world’s most innovative tactile monitors and the artists who use them by visiting the  Porter & Davies website and online shop at http://www.porteranddavies.co.uk where all prices are now displayed in GBP and local currency.