Anderton’s April Fools Event raises £2,000 for Charity


Andertons Music Co. team up with Wampler to raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust…

Andertons Music Co. in Guildford used April Fools to create a hoax pedal with renowned guitar pedal makers; Wampler Pedals from the U.S.A. Not only was this pedal (Called the Psychosomatic Overdrive) reviewed on the Andertons TV YouTube channel with 250 000 subscribers, but it was sold on the Andertons Website to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust. The batch of 30 pedals sold out within 20 minutes raising £2000. Due to the immediate success, Wampler will be producing another 25 of these pedals to be sold in the U.S for a St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital.

This is what Andertons Managing Director (And star of Andertons TV) Lee Anderton said:

“After shooting 1000+ guitar videos for YouTube & reading/responding to 1000s of viewer comments, I began to realise that the last 5% of feeling & sounding great with a guitar is entirely in the players head. So the idea of making a Psychosomatic Overdrive Pedal that didn’t actually do anything, unless you thought it was, started as a throw away joke in a recent video! Fortunately someone from the pedal maker Wampler was watching & got in touch to ask if I wanted to actually make a pedal that didn’t actually do anything as an April Fools sketch. Of course I said yes & everything went from there. The original Psychosomatic Pedal video was shot in our normal review style, although to be fair we were saying some pretty silly things so I’m sure most people realised it was an April Fools gag! Several other guitar players  appeared in the video, notably Paul Gilbert & Rob Chapman, so I’d like to thank everyone who gave up their time for free to make the video.”

“After we’d made the video, everybody involved was saying “you should make these – I’d definitely buy one!” So I suggested to Wampler that we actually make some & give all the money to a charity. Wampler very kindly agreed to make a limited run of 25, but such was the response that ultimately 30 were made for the UK, with proceeds going the Teenage Cancer Trust & another 25 were made for the USA with proceeds going to St Judes Childrens Research Hospital. Today I donated £2000 to the Teenage Cancer Trust – this was all the proceeds from the sale of the 30 pedals, plus an extra £200 that I topped up just to make a nice round number! The guys at Wampler will be donating the proceeds of the ones sold in America to St Judes later this month.

Links to the videos: – The first April Fools video – The release video

In order to pull off this April Fools hoax Andertons employed the following tactics:

  • A Facebook conversation between Brian Wampler and Lee Anderton sparked the idea, including the fact that the pedal should be sold for Charity.
  • Included guitar god Paul Gilbert, as well as YouTube guitar reviewers ‘That Pedal Show’ (78000 subscribers) to add an air of authenticity to the pedal.
  • Used resident gear reviewer Rob Chapman (545000 subscribers) to demonstrate the pedal.
  • By poking fun at the fact that most guitarists believe that new equipment will magically turn them into better musician, this hoax gained a lot of traction hitting a combined 73000 views in a day. Whilst in reality, it’s all in the head (hence the ‘Psychosomatic’ overdrive).
  • By the time the reveal video was released on Sunday, the joke was out and consumers were happy to buy into the joke for a good cause.

Andertons Music Co. is a family run musical instrument retailer with over 50 years of experience serving the music community in the UK. From our flagship Guildford music store and our online channels, we offer musicians not just a huge selection of gear but awesome content too.

Originally started in 1964 by the current Managing Director Lee Anderton’s Father and Grandfather Andertons has always been a family run business.