Can you support the Music Hub in Kent?


The Music Hub is a small, independent training provider working with hard-to-reach young people who have an interest in the Creative Industries. Most of the young people we work with come from disadvantaged backgrounds, have not achieved their potential at school and many have additional needs which make it difficult for them to find employment. All the young people we work with are incredibly talented and with support, can achieve great things.

Creative industries are one of the areas of growth in the UK, but both nationally and locally, there is a serious lack of support for young people looking for careers in this area. The Music Hub does not receive any core funding from the government, local authority or the Skills Funding Agency. Our previous funding came from a local college but due to budget cuts, this is no longer an option.

We have established a commercial venue and a Music Shop, the profit from these are put back into the Music Hub for the continuation of the college but unfortunately there is a shortfall. To be able to continue supporting our current students as well as providing support for other young people, we need to raise around £30,000 within the next month or so. Without our provision, most of the young people would become unsupported and their chances of achieving a successful career would be greatly diminished. In addition to funding, we are always in need of equipment and support in the form of volunteers.

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