Employment Law update and tips


The MIA recently attended a local Employment Law meeting and thought you might like to see the notes we took, hopefully one or two may be of use to you……

General Employment Law

  • Remember that there are 5 criteria under which you can remove an individual from your company:
  • Conduct + Capability + Redundancy + Statutory Ban + Other Substantial Reason
  • If you have a Probationary Period for all new staff, make sure reference is made in the Terms & Conditions to “Suitability”, this is important!
  • 18% of the UK workforce is in a “hazy” area in relation to being somewhere between self-employed and employed
  • A recent case took place of a self-employed person being found to be entitled to holiday pay as per an employed individual
  • The case decided that they were entitled to 11 years back holiday pay!!
  • Are conduct in relation to drink AND drugs in your Terms & Conditions?
  • And language and dress code?
  • And guidelines on personal mobile phone use?
  • And guidelines on personal social media use?
  • After Parental leave….get ready for laws on Grandparental leave!

 Health & Safety

  • Proactive Health & Safety checking/visits are being increased
  • Individuals AS WELL as companies can now be prosecute
  • Fines are based on turnover, not profits
  • Do you have a written H & S Statement?
  • A file with accident reports and H & S risk assessments?
  • Do you have a suitable H & S nominated individual?

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