From April 5th G&L guitars will be available in the UK exclusively


Here is some exciting news from MIA member Blackstar Amplification.

G&L was founded by guitar pioneer Leo Fender in 1980, with the instruments featuring his latest developments in pickups, bridges and electronics. Offering a consistent playing experience with widely enhanced tonal options, G&L have picked up an army of devotees in the rock, blues and country worlds.

G&L CEO David McLaren states:

“We are excited to have DIST-X Distribution representing G&L guitars. We feel that the values of the company match those of G&L and we see a fantastic opportunity for growth and increased visibility in the UK. We look forward to working closely and successfully together.”

 DIST-X Sales Manager Drew McDonald adds:

“We are delighted to have G&L guitars in the DIST-X family. The guitars are truly stunning and coupled with the rich heritage behind the brand we see huge potential for growth within the UK market. My team and I are looking forward to giving G&L the success it deserves.”

For all further enquiries please contact Drew McDonald, Sam Hirst or Maxx Riley on 01604 817817 or email