Music Industry Partners lobby government over Ivory Ban


You may be aware that due to serious and grave worldwide concerns over the illegal trafficking and trade in Ivory, the UK government have stated that they are to introduce a ban on the movement (including sales) of all Ivory.

The MIA, together with the Musician’s Union and Association of British wrote to the Secretary of State seeking an exemption for musical instruments.

We also have the support of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

The government is launching a 12 week consultation in late April and the Music Industry partners will be formulating a response. However we are pleased to note that in response to our early lobbying, an exemption for musical instruments is being proposed. This is being formulated along the lines of a maximum weight in grammes and the % that the Ivory constitutes of the total product.

We have been asked to gather evidence of instruments containing Ivory and we would be grateful if you could please let us know whether you own/sell any instruments that contain ivory, we understand it may be a very small amount, however the information you give us will be very useful. It would also help if you could tell us the age of the instrument containing the Ivory?

The piano sector is already helping us in this regard and we are grateful for their help and guidance.

Thanks for your consideration, please send any replies to