Overscore: an essential piece of kit for musicians


This is Overscore, your unique removable manuscript tape tested by musicians for musicians. The roll is 25mm wide, with industry standard 8mm staff lines printed on it.

Since its launch in 2014 Overscore has become an essential piece of kit for many musicians.

Overscore can be applied to any printed musical score allowing the user to cover up mistakes or simply make changes, allowing new parts to be written in with pencil or pen without any damage to existing score once removed if necessary.

All kinds of musicians are benefiting from this product, not just the performing musician such as orchestral musicians, marching band musicians, session musicians, theatre musicians and solo performers but also Musical Directors, Conductors, Musical Colleges and Universities, Teachers, Students, the list goes on and on…

NO more pen or pencil marks across manuscripts, no more irritating post it notes that get stuck every time you turn a page. No more illegal photocopying parts.

Overscore is an absolute time saver with great ease of use. It is a very exciting product to own as it changes the way musicians look at amending musical scores forever.

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