A week of music making in the UK!


We are now only 4 weeks away from the first dedicated week in the UK designed to inspire and create new music makers!

Make Music Day!

Make Music Day takes place on Wednesday June 21st and already has nearly 150 musical events happening across the Country!

There are still many opportunities for the industry to get involved and there are a number of key cities with planned events that need your support, especially Cardiff, Doncaster, London, York, Norwich, Edinburgh, Yeovil, Nottingham and Leeds

Let us know if you want to hear more?

All details about the Day and the events are at www.makemusicday.org/uk

Learn to Play Day!

We have the annual Learn to Play Day taking place on Saturday June 24th and Sunday June 25th

Nearly 100 venues will be offering free “taster” lessons to the general public and we are still signing up new venues every day!

Click on the below to check out the great video that PMT have done for the day:

Plus, check out this interview with Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason and Ultimate Guitar to support the event! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/.html

For all details on Learn to Play Day, go to: www.learntoplayday.com

Contact us straight away if you would like to take part: alice@mia.org.uk 01403 800500

Warwick Music Group’s ‘Make Music Month’

Warwick Music Group have designated June as ‘Make Music Month’, and as part of this they’re loaning pBones and pBuzzes to beginners for free for the month.

At the end of June, the players will have the opportunity to purchase their instrument at a discounted price.

All you have to do to get involved if you’re a non-musician or beginner is email info@pbone.co.uk with a few lines detailing why you’d like to be part of Make Music Month, and what’s driving you to start your pBone or pBuzz journey.

All participants will be supported throughout the month with the online tutorials and education resources available from Warwick Music Group for those new to playing brass.