Cyberattacks epidemic in the UK


More than 9 in 10 of firms in the UK experienced a cyberattack in 2016, in comparison with the global average of 85%, according to a report by risk consultancy Kroll.

The most common types of cyberattack in the UK were:

  • Infection by a computer virus – (33%)
  • Theft of customer or employee data by a member of staff (27%)

Firms in the professional services sector (accountants, management consultants, lawyers) are most likely to experience a cyberattack, with 84% reporting an incident in 2016.

However, we also saw an extensive attack on the NHS on Friday 12th May, where patients were facing a weekend of chaos, with those critically ill being diverted to unaffected hospitals as computer systems failed in A&E units.

Household names including Yahoo, eBay and TalkTalk have also fallen victim to major cyberattacks.

Last year, Tesco Bank reported losing £2.5m in an unprecedented breach at a British bank.

The law requires organisations to have appropriate measures in place to keep people’s personal data secure.

Next year data protection regulation will be extended, increasing businesses’ responsibilities to protect personal data.

Here is a useful link relating to the 2018 GDPR that you may find helpful in relation to the above: