Important Live Music Survey!


The MIA have worked with and championed the Music Venue Trust for a number of years. We would like all of us in MI to complete this very important (and quick) survey, and share it with all of your contacts…

Stop what you are doing for one minute and TAKE THIS SURVEY:

It will take you one minute to answer just seven questions that will make a real difference to our ability to fight for grassroots music venues.

Politicians, decision makers and key stakeholders have to consider evidence. It’s nice when we put up a sign, or when we add our names to a petition, but by then your local venue is already threatened by bad development, poor licensing or noise complaints.

What we actually need to do is be pro-active, not reactive. We need to tell the stories of these venues with real facts: How many people go there, how much do they spend, how many jobs does it create, how much does it add to the economy, why is it cultural important, why is it important to you, the audience.

Developers have deep pockets and nice presentations. We have you; the people who love these venues and want to keep them.

Please give us just one minute of your time so we can take positive action with real facts to fight for grassroots music venues.

Please tell a friend who loves live music to take this survey.

We need to get thousands of people to take part to get the maximum information and provide solid evidence. We need your help to get to audiences and music lovers and ask for 1 minute of their time THIS WEEKEND:

  • Please go to your venue/organisation page on Facebook and share this message (or share one of our posts from MVT’s Facebook page)
  • Please also share it on your personal page
  • Please tweet it from any account you can

Here is a tweet for you to copy and paste:

Take @musicvenuetrust 2017 Grassroots Audience Survey: 7 questions, 1 minute TAKE PART NOW: RT! #livemusichere

This is super important, please support it.