Vibes – a revolutionary new technology to help musical ear training


If you have ever played an instrument, you will no doubt have hit the hurdle that is ear training and music theory. Perhaps you chose to ignore it, continuing to play your favourite songs from books and online sources. However you eventually noticed you would struggle with soloing or improvising, and you could not simply play (or sing) a song by ear. That was magic performed by highly trained musicians! Even with the multitude of ear training apps out there to help you, it would take you perhaps years of practice, constantly repeating note intervals, and time is something often in short supply.

This was the problem facing Philip Spivey, a guitar player who had also hit this hurdle. He founded Vibes with the intent of using the latest neuroscience to build a product to aid and speed up the ear training process. Vibes is a wearable device working in combination with a mobile app to simultaneously engage multiple senses. This will create associations in your brain to help you learn the skills of recognising musical notes and transferring those melodies or chords to your instrument in a more natural, faster and efficient way.

No more scratching around on your instrument, you can now fulfil your dreams and play your favourite song by ear, solo and improvise like a rock god and sight sing like a diva. Hear it. Play it. It’s as simple as that.

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