Aston Spirit and Noel Gallagher!


Here’s the latest news from the Aston world…

Honestly, we’re stunned by the latest events in the Aston world! Just recently UK producer Emre Ramazanoglu called us to say that Noel Gallagher has been using our Aston Spirit mic for his vocals on the new “High Flying Birds” album… and here’s his quote…

“I ******* LOVE these mics!”
Noel Gallagher

This is incredible news for us, and the Spirit is ever more going to be known as ‘The Noel Gallagher mic’ we reckon! Noel just took delivery of another 2 hand engraved Spirits last week, and is loving them to bits.

More on Aston Spirit

As well as Noel Gallagher’s love for this mic, the Aston Spirit has just recently been named as the  “Best All-rounder microphone” by MusicTech in the UK, and with several more awards in the bag as well as the 2017 TEC nomination, the Aston Spirit is proving it’s world class status. It’s not just a very good mic… it’s fast becoming an industry great, and at only £349 is the perfect addition to every mic locker, from hobbyist to Pro.

“The Spirit is outstanding… a tour de force!” (KR Magazine)