Ivory and CITES update


Here’s an update from Paul McManus following a meeting with IFAW…

A meeting was held last week with the coalition partnership of MIA, the Musicians’ Union, Association of British Orchestras and the IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare):

  • The recent election has naturally postponed the consultation on Ivory and this is now likely to take place in September for a 3 month period
  • The coalition will press for an early re-scheduled date for our invitation to present the case for an exclusion of musical instruments to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Endangered Species.
  • Following consultation with the industry and musicians, the proposal is to lobby for a 300gramme (and under) exclusion or 5% of total instrument composition
  • This should “cover” pianos, bagpipes etc
  • Michael Gove is our new Secretary of State for the Environment
  • It remains legal to own ivory, the issues surround the selling of it.
  • Donation of an instrument remains acceptable (as long as borders are not crossed)
  • If you are involved in repairing an instrument with Ivory…be aware that the “new” Ivory should technically be coming from a stockpile that you have “declared” to the authorities? (ie registered)
  • Be aware that pre-1947 instruments (ie antiques) may STILL require an Article 10 if sending overseas

A formal guide to dealing in Ivory

The coalition is currently working to produce a guidance document on Ivory that will have the approval of both DEFRA and the Border Agency. This will hopefully answer all questions!

CITES Industry Training Days

We now have the Powerpoint slides that DEFRA used at the 3 recent training days for our industry. Let us know if you would like them?