New Danelectro models now available


The Danelectro guitar range brings you all those iconic, much loveThe Danelectro guitar range brings you all d tones and body styles that have shaped the electric guitar world since the 1950’s.

Quirky and unique, Danelectro guitars have been a favourite of some of the world’s greatest players, used on the biggest stages in the world and some of the most legendary recordings.

Now, new for 2017, are 5 great new models designed to get your creative juices flowing!

The ’66 is and insanely great reproduction of the 1966 classic. A single coil pickup combined with a classic lipstick humbucking pickup at the bridge provide a superb range of tones, all helped by its semi-hollow body with German carved ‘F’ hole top.

Always famed for their 12 string models, the new Vintage 12 is set to be their best yet. A pair of ’56 vintage single coil lipstick pickups combined with its semi-hollow ’S’ hole body provide awesome tonality.

Also sporting the semi-hollow ’S’ hole body the Vintage Baritone’s high-output, high-impedance pickups are designed to really capture the lows without ever getting ‘muddy’.

Meanwhile the ’84’s very familiar lines belie its sheer tone and playability, straight from the arsenal of one of the greatest players that ever lived.

Finally, the new ’64 Bass takes its cue from its ’66 guitar cousin. A German carved top with a single coil at the neck and pair of lipsticks to form a humbucker at the bridge, resulting in a range of tones never before heard on a bass.

Check out these and the rest of the great Danelectro guitar range at a store near you today.

Danelectro Guitars are distributed in the UK and ROI  by JHS & Co. Ltd.