Sign the Petition for Fairer Copyright Legislation for Music Creators


An important petition to support Fairer Copyright Legislation for Music Creators

Dear Friends,

Please see for the most important musical petition for Creators in years. The EU is being bombarded with copyleft petitions to try to scupper the Creator friendly solutions for copyright proposed by the EU. The deadline for change is July. Please sign this and please send it to everyone you know who cares, we need to counter the copyleft or we will lose this important battle.

If we all get 10 people to sign it and they all get 10 more we have a chance. The MEP’s are hugely affected by initiatives such as this and unless we react to the copyleft efforts, they will think we don’t care. When we do.

РCrispin Hunt, Chair of BASCA (British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors)

It is time to make your voice heard in Brussels so that the new Copyright legislation protects your interests, and not just that of internet giants.