Behind the scenes at Rotosound HQ with with Mikey Demus!


Here’s the latest exciting news from MIA member Rotosound…

Behind the scenes with Mikey Demus

It’s been a crazy few weeks here at Rotosound HQ. Festival season is well and truly upon us which means we’ve been inundated with string orders from the likes of Hacktivist, The One Hundred, Drones, Broken Witt Rebels and Fizzy Blood to keep everyone well stocked as they hit the stage this Summer.

A couple of weeks ago, our buddy Mikey Demus of Skindred fame came over to ours for a factory tour. Keen to see the manufacturing process in action and meet the team who make his signature strings (which you can get your hands on here, by the way), he spent the afternoon here to meet the team behind his signature strings….

Biggest thanks and respect for the hardworking team at Rotosound HQ for giving me the diamond tour – I’m truly in awe of how much work, skill and craftsmanship goes into every single pack of Rotosound strings. An incredible operation!

The process of hand winding requires immense skill and patience. Here’s Mark dropping the horns with me on the factory shop floor. Mark winds bass guitar strings by hand on machines that were made by Rotosound themselves, for the sole purpose of making their own strings! Some of these homemade winding machines have been rocking unhindered since the 1960s.

Rotosound guitar strings are hand wound on custom made machines, designed and built by Rotosound themselves. Strings like the kind you’d find in my signature set are put together by skilled and hard working people like Daria here!

Once strings are finished being wound, they’re quality checked, grouped and packaged by these hard working women. Thanks for ensuring every single string and set goes out perfect!

All packed & boxed ready to ship. This is the culmination of a fantastic amount of skill, technique and craftsmanship – along with some incredible engineering and production. I’m honoured to be working with some of the few great companies still making things right here in the UK – thanks Rotosound for showing me how it all works behind the scenes.