Spector Limited Edition 1977 Euro 4LE bass arrives in the UK.


Barnes & Mullins have announced the immediate availability of the new limited edition Spector 1977 Euro 4LE bass in the UK.

Launched exclusively this year to celebrate Spector’s 40th year of bass building, the 4-string 1977 bass is modelled on the company’s first ever model developed in 1977. In a throwback to its predecessor, the new 1977 bass boasts a host of original features that have since seen Spector become a legendary name among bass players.

In time honoured fashion, it offers the same neck-thru construction and comfortable body shape crafted from fully carved solid American walnut with a light centre band as seen on the original 40 years ago. A 3-piece maple neck runs through the entire length of the instrument with a 24 fret rosewood fingerboard inlaid with fret markers measured to exact dimensions of those featured on the first bass.

Electronics come in the form of the same DiMarzio P pickup used originally combined with the updated Tone Pump active tone circuit now synonymous with modern Spector basses. Additional updated elements include a lightweight zinc brass alloy Spector bridge.

The Spector Euro4LE 1977 retails for £2450 and will be available to order throughout 2017 only from Barnes & Mullins. – http://www.bandm.co.uk