Stentor to distribute brass and woodwind instrument brands JUPITER and XO


For many years, KORG UK has been in charge of the brass and woodwind instrument brands JUPITER and XO, supplying the UK and Irish market with quality student and professional instruments.

On behalf of K.H.S. the general European distributor QS-MUSIC has now announced the transition of distribution for JUPITER and XO to Stentor Music Co. Ltd. This decision happened in agreement with all related parties.

KORG UK Managing Director Rob Castle commented: “KORG UK have been increasingly focusing on our premium brands in our three core areas of expertise: Hi-Tech (KORG), guitars (VOX and TAKAMINE) and percussion (MAPEX, VIC FIRTH and PAISTE). JUPITER and XO need to be part of a portfolio of education and orchestral instruments. The move to Stentor makes perfect sense.  We have a long history with KHS and JUPITER and we want to see the brand do well.”

Stentor are pleased to announce the addition of JUPITER and XO brasswind instruments to their distribution portfolio; JUPITER as mainly student level instruments, and XO for professional brass instruments. Following the agreement with QS-MUSIC, STENTOR will start distribution from July 1st, 2017.

The sales and marketing team from STENTOR will bring their experience in sales and distribution to the brands JUPITER and XO, brands with a reputation for quality, high manufacturing standards and great performance: “Stentor is proud to be representing JUPITER and XO wind instruments in the UK and Republic of Ireland. It is an exciting addition to the many well-known brands we distribute. We look forward to offering our outstanding sales and service support to JUPITER and XO instruments.” – Liz Wilkes, Marketing Director, Stentor Music Co Ltd

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