The future of music in schools – Government response


Thoughts from Paul McManus:

The MIA has long supported the campaign fighting the government introduction of the English Baccalaureate. Figures already show the devastating effect this is having on music provision in our schools. The Schools Minister has now (finally) responded to the public consultation that saw thousands of objections to the proposals.

His response is at the link below:

The Government response is simply not satisfactory and the Bacc for The Future team subsequently issued the following”:

Bacc for the Future statement:

‘For a Government that claims to care about economic growth, social mobility, inclusivity and the creative industries, this decision is short-sighted and negligent.’

‘A matter of weeks after Ofqual confirmed the negative impact the EBacc is having on creative subjects in our schools the Secretary of State has betrayed the future of our children and their opportunities for work as well as our thriving creative industries.’

‘We have no choice but to step up Bacc for the Future and urge the Department for Education to think again. We would ask Justine Greening to meet with Bacc for the Future representatives so she can understand the damage this misguided policy is having. As the Chief Inspector of Ofsted, Amanda Spielman said last week: ‘All children should study a broad and rich curriculum.’ We need to create an education which is fit for the 21st Century and fit for our country post-Brexit. This is not the way to do it.’

As a campaign action for individuals, the campaign site has been updated with a letter to the Prime Minister; please do spread the word and continue to encourage people to sign-up to the campaign as supporters!