A brass band branding opportunity?


Gresley Colliery Brass Bands in Derbyshire are looking for a brand sponsor for their Senior and Youth Brass bands

Based in the West Midlands in Swadlincote, the organisation is made up of two groups of musicians; a senior band comprising 27 players ages 21 upward, and a Youth Band comprising 23 players ages 8 to 21 , who then move to the Senior Band when they are able.

The senior band has been in existence since 1850, the youth band since 2002. The youth band was started with the intention of enabling the local youth in the community to learn an instrument and provide them with the other opportunities being a member of such a group would bring. Both groups are self-funding by donations, subscriptions (Senior Band) and through concerts. The senior band does have a corporate sponsor at the moment but this sponsorship ends this year.

If you are interested please contact Simon Thomas at: secretary@gresleycollieryband.co.uk.

For more information about the band please visit www.gresleycollieryband.co.uk or the facebook page  www.facebook.com/GresleyCollieryBand