Islington Music to close down


Here’s some sad news from Islington Music’s Tricia Cottle…

“After 30 years Islington Music Limited is closing down.  Not all for bad reasons but the internet does not help.

Since deciding to close I have had so many people coming in fairly devastated at the news. One lady said that the shop was the centre of her universe (a bit of an overstatement) but good for my ego.   Crowd funding was a suggestion by one person, another thought I should turn it into a co-operative with as many people as possible contributing to costs and the running of the shop, another wanted to start a petition. All of which are good ideas but they need someone to coordinate, which I am not prepared to do.

I will be closing at the end of October and as you can imagine I have a lot of stock – mostly sheet music – to sell.  The sheet music is nearly all listed on our website. I do also have guitars, ukuleles and instruments of various kinds, together with strings, reeds and all the normal accessories – and gifts – but these hopefully will go in the course of the next few months. I have quite a large amount of instruments (violins, cellos, violas, trumpets, alto saxes, clarinets and flutes) out on rental. There are not so many now as quite a few people have bought their instruments. This has been quite hard work but quite lucrative.

We will be having sales, but I am sure there will still be a fair amount of music left.

I am hoping that some of it might appeal to other retailers – I would be very pleased to talk to anybody who might be interested in some of this music.

Please contact me on 0207 354 3195 or by email at”