Laney releases Tony Iommi pedal


Laney Amplification is to release the TI-BOOST Tony Iommi pedal from its UK-based ‘Black Country Customs’ division.

The guitar sound of Black Sabbath is the result of several key components – Tony himself notwithstanding. his Laney LA100BL amplifier was combined with a modified ‘Dallas Arbiter Rangemaster’ pedal, allowing him to push the front end of the amp into overdrive giving him his never-before-heard signature distorted tone.

In the days before Sabbath, Tony met a guitarist who said that he could modify Tony’s Rangemaster to sound better: Tony agreed and whilst he never knew what the modification was, it gave him the sound he was looking for. The pedal was used for recording and touring up until 1979 when, for some reason – unknown to everyone apart from Tony’s tech at the time – it got thrown away! Since that day Tony had a sound in his head, a sound that first inspired him to play some of the most recognisable riffs in music, a sound which he thought he’d never get back!

In conjunction with the design work on the LA100BL amplifier recreated for Tony and reissued in January this year, Laney also agreed to develop a special pedal for Tony. The result – the TI-BOOST. Initially only available with the reissued amp, after overwhelming demand Laney has now made the pedal available in limited quantities from the UK-based Black Country Customs workshop.

The pedal performs in a similar way to his legendary modified pedal – giving a significant bass cut and mid boost – but also includes a few more gain and EQ options to make it more diverse and allow players to find their own sounds.

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