Promuco expand their drumstick offering


UK percussion brand Promuco are pleased to announce they have made extensive expansions to their drumstick range and launched a new website –

Having launched an initial offering of American Hickory sticks in sizes 7A, 5A, 5B and 2B early last year, the brand have now added Oak and Rock Maple pairs in the same sizes to their catalogue, along with new Nylon tipped Hickory sticks, brushes and rods.

Promuco now boasts a wide-ranging choice of drumsticks that includes all popular sizes and wood types to cater for all classes of drummer and varieties of styles. Their American Hickory series offer superbly balanced sticks with little flex for a pronounced sound, with the naturally harder and durable Oak wood sticks particularly suited to hard hitters.

Given its lighter properties, Rock Maple has great flex, making it the perfect wood choice for producing drumsticks with a fast response appropriate for players who place an emphasis on speed and sensitivity. Durable and brighter sounding than wooden tipped sticks, Nylon tipped American Hickory sticks have also been added to the range for those seeking an extra level of articulation when playing.

In addition, Promuco have also released two types of Bamboo rods available in 12 and 19 rod versions, as well as pairs of retractable Wire and Nylon brushes suitable for softer and more colourful percussive styles.

Historically used by pioneering drummers such as John Bonham, Phil Collins and Buddy Rich, all Promuco drumstick pairs are available to order now from £2.50 RRP from exclusive distributors Barnes &