Teaching Music – food for thought


A development in America with a music retailer has come to light and it seemed a good time to remind everyone of appropriate checking in this important area. Guitar Center (the largest instrument retailer in the world with 260 shops) currently has one of their ex-teachers under arrest on suspicion of sexually molesting a student. The business has had widespread media exposure on the story after a highly critical video was posted and went viral from a former employee. The entire chain of GC is now being investigated.

At the MIA, we remain convinced that music shops offering teaching services (as opposed to simply having a notice board with teacher’s business cards stuck on it) is an essential tool for bringing people to the shops and creating new customers.

But…consider the degree of checks you undertake before you recruit or even recommend a teacher to a customer? Even the business cards on the notice board are an inferred recommendation!

Do all your employed teachers have DBS checks (formally CRB)? See link below. Do you create any situation in your business where a minor is left alone with a teacher (or anyone else from your organisation for that matter)?

What sort of communications do you allow electronically between your teachers and the students? (It was the student’s phone and the messages on it from the teacher that brought the problem at Guitar Center to the attention of the authorities)

If you have anything written relating to your teaching services, does it state your policy on checking the background of your teachers? Even that noticeboard, does it recommend the checks the parent should enquire about when contacting the teacher’s details that are on your board?

Sorry, not the nicest subject, but one we thought was important to bring to your attention……