Enter your best people and products – 3 more days to nominate!


Alice here with a reminder that the judging panel for the MIA Awards 2017 will soon be meeting to review the entries into the various categories and decide on the eventual finalists.

You still have 3 days to enter your best people and products!

Last week, I caught up with 2016 ‘People of the Moment’ Award winner James Dove. You can read the full interview here. It was clear to see that winning the award was not only a great confidence and morale boost for him and his team, it also contributed towards him being promoted in his role.

As a newbie to the industry, I think it’s brilliant that the MIA Awards enable credit to go to the people that wouldn’t usually be seen as directly responsible for a company’s success. The Gala Dinner gives the everyday person the chance to see the work of the whole industry and get a taste of what big awards ceremonies are like. I think it’s a fantastic thing!

There are also so many innovative products making an impact on the industry. Every day I hear of products that have brought something new and created excitement and interest amongst MI professionals and the public alike. These products really do deserve recognition.

The nomination process is in your hands – I would like to encourage you to enter and make the most of this opportunity to reward hard work!

Follow this link: http://www.miagaladinner.co.uk/entry-form

Nominations close this Friday, the 22nd of September. Please don’t let your best people and products miss out!