Fightback 2017: it’s on!


This Feeling announced as Event Partners

Following the announcement last week that Fightback 2017 will take place at Camden Electric Ballroom on Thursday 17 October, Music Venue Trust has been deluged with offers to help out and support the event. And now This Feeling, the UK’s most acclaimed club night for future Rock and Roll stars, have got on board the Fightback bandwagon to join the search for artists to play at the event.

“We’re still on the hunt for the artists that want to play at Fightback and support Grassroots Music Venues” says Mark Davyd, MVT CEO, “and now we’ve got one of the best promoters in the UK behind us.”

This Feeling is delivering riotous rock’n’roll in more than forty cities across the UK and next month sees the start of the ‘Alive’ tour, their biggest yet.

“What This Feeling is doing at the moment is vital says Noel Gallagher. “When Rock and Roll makes its glorious comeback, you can bet your arse you will have heard it first at This Feeling.”

 Mikey Jonns of This Feeling explains: “Without grassroots music venues, music dies. It’s that simple. The Libertines, Kasabian, Catfish, Blossoms, every single band, they’d be nowhere without these venues, these venues are Rock n Roll’s heritage and lifeblood. Bands big and small, punters, media, labels, festival promoters, EVERYONE needs to get behind Fightback – without it our future will be very different.”

Tickets for Fightback have been on sale for just a week, and despite no acts being announced so far, over 500 tickets have already been sold. Davyd says this shows the strength of feeling people have about the loss of grassroots music venues.

“People really want to get out and send a message that we aren’t going to take the closure of our music venues lying down. We know there are artists out there who feel strongly about this and will want to come and support venues like The Cellar and Sound Lounge, which are both threatened with closure right now. We want everyone to come together and make this a truly memorable event, raise some cash and send a clear message.”

“In a world where our legendary venues are being mercilessly snatched by developers, This Feeling offer one of the few consistent platforms for up and coming bands” said Carl Barat. “If you’re going to see the emergence of a new great band you’ll see them at This Feeling first.”

Tickets for Fightback are available now from

A very limited number of VIP tickets with access to an exclusive VIP and Aftershow area, in association with Jack Daniels, Red Stripe, Watneys IPA and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider, are also on sale. All proceeds from Fightback go to support the work of the Music Venue Trust Emergency Response Service, which has already fought 40 potential venue closures since it launched in October last year.

Artists wanting to play at Fightback can contact the charity at

Fightback 2017 takes place at Camden Electric Ballroom on Tuesday 17 October.