High Street round up


A selection of stories from the UK’s High Streets…………….

  1. Game has struck a deal with Maplins to pilot 4 Game concessions in Maplin shops. Game currently has 304 shops but 220 shop leases will be up for renewal in 2018…..
  2. Not good news for pubs…20 a week currently closing
  3. The growth of coffee drinking knows no bounds….659 million visits to shops taking place each year!
  4. An increase of 20% since 2008
  5. Even Greggs now sell “flat whites” and “mochas”
  6. 16% of people in the UK visit a coffee shop each day
  7. There are now 23,000 coffee outlets in the UK
  8. So….how many music shops have tapped into this either by offering it themselves or doing a “quid pro quo” deal with their local coffee outlet?
  9. Aldi and Lidl continue their dramatic growth in the UK and Lidl now has a bigger % share of the market than Waitrose.
  10. The two companies now have a combined 11.5% share of the market
  11. Higher-spending customers are being drawn to the 2 retailers on the back of excellent product reviews and promotions such as the “Claret Offensive