Brian Justice: some personal thoughts from Alun Hughes


The extended family of Brian Justice are sad to report that Brian passed away peacefully on Monday 4th September at the age of 88.

Until his retirement, Brian was the owner and Managing Director of Cross and Ticher Ltd.

During his varied career, Brian had been a salesman in many industries in Europe and gained a well-respected name in the music industry for his import/export business between England and Germany, about a decade after World War II ended. While in the British service, Brian took part in the Berlin Airlift (1948-49) and became interested in the business and cultural traditions of the country. After the war he worked in the textile and oil industries before working for the music wholesaler, Cross & Tisher. Over the years he built up the import business enough to run the company and later became the owner. He had a long and successful career in the music industry and as he once said, “enjoyed every moment.”

Here’s some touching thoughts from Alun Hughes of British Band Instrument Company:

‘Brian was quite a remarkable man. Very much the legend of his time in the industry. I was reflecting the other evening how Brian was very influential in my early career. This Autumn would have been the 40th anniversary of my first visit to East Germany. October 1976 Brian took me on a flight to Berlin then his hire car through Checkpoint Charlie into East Berlin and onto Markneukirchen. You will understand that journey made a major impression on a very unworldly young lad from the Welsh valleys. That trip forged a great respect for Brian. He had a remarkable impact on the music industry in UK. End of an era.’

‘I always much-admired the business values and commercial practices that Brian demonstrated. I’ve been very fortunate to have had a privileged career in the music business over the past 45 years. That has been as a result of following the examples set by people such as Brian and some of the colleagues of his generation. My early career at Boosey & Hawkes was great experience for me and Brian was always presented as the epitome of astute commercial practice.’

Brian once told me that being a Sales Rep was the best training possible for building business relationships. 40 years later, the adage that companies don’t do business with companies but people do business with people is still the same.’

He leaves behind a beloved family, his wife Jean, a son Matthew, his wife Jessica and two grandchildren Adam and Freya.

Brian’s funeral will take place at 13:00 at the Kent & Sussex Crematorium in Tunbridge Wells at 13:00 on 28th September, wake to follow at 14:30 at The Old Vine, Wadhurst, TN5 6ER. For all the funeral and reception details, please go to this link and click on Brian’s name – 

A short interview given by Brian in 2008 to the NAMM Oral History Programme can be found at

He will be missed.