We all know that pay growth is weak – but what else could be done to improve life at work?


Alice here, with some insight into what is most appreciated by many employees (as well as getting paid!)

We recently published an article called ‘Employee benefits and cost on employers’ which revealed that the benefits most likely to boost employee satisfaction and productivity in the workplace can cost next to nothing for employers.

Companies offering staff flexible working, free breakfast, time off to volunteer and weekly fitness classes have been named as the best for work-life balance.

This could really work in favour of employers, considering that pay growth is currently weak due to Brexit worries, and employers may be unable to financially reward their staff.

The latest report from the Bank of England’s network of regional agents estimates that employers around the UK are planning pay rises at around 2 to 3 percent, which is pretty un-inspiring considering that average annual pay growth was at 4 percent a year before the financial crisis.

So, with average pay growth set to remain weak as Brexit-related uncertainty affects business investment, could you consider any low-cost benefits to boost morale and reward your hard-workers?

The jobs website Glassdoor has ranked companies for their work-life balance. They say that many firms are now heavily focusing on the wellbeing of their staff.

The travel group Expedia have been rated top of the list for providing the best work-life balance and are said to have “set a new standard” in looking after employees by offering flexi-time, home working and travel opportunities. One Expedia employee said ‘I come into the London office two days a week, and work at home the rest of the time. I can choose to work early mornings or later evenings, which means I spend much more time with my children.’

Meanwhile the employment firm Peninsula provides (non-compulsory) fitness classes every week, childcare vouchers and a free Monday morning breakfast

Workers at repairs business HomeServe are given 25 days holiday from day one of joining.

The internet giant Google is praised for providing a “host of enviable perks” such as massages and music lessons (ooooh now that’s an idea!) as well as six weeks of paternity leave.

That gets your brain ticking, doesn’t it…?