Bringing music to Glasgow, one piano at a time!


We were recently delighted to read about Glasgow Piano City; a project that aims to bring music to unexpected places by putting cast-off and reclaimed pianos into public spaces.

The concept has been eagerly adopted around the city – from museums and galleries to transport hubs, from cafes and bars to churches and concert halls.

This ‘Pianos in Public Spaces’ initiative aims to create more opportunities for people to play.  They want to give explicit permission to play freely, irrespective of age or ability.

Glasgow Piano City are working to create a citywide network to support their ‘Pianos on Prescription’ initiative.

Tom Binns, the founder, explains the decision to put a vintage piano in the lobby of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Govan – soon to be played by some of the 10,000 patients, relatives and staff…

“It’s a very simple intervention into the space. You’ve got visitors and staff coming from all over the world… They could be going through all sorts of stressful situations and emotional difficulties.

Having a little bit of music can change their experience – lift them up or help them to connect more”

The instruments are beautifully decorated, and even lift your spirits before you’ve started to play. Check out some pictures, videos and the work that the organisation do here: