Diego vs Dolce – football legend Maradona sues fashion giant, Dolce & Gabana


Here’s an interesting article from MIA intellectual property partner, Briffa, about rights clearances

Maradona is waiting for the courts in Milan to decide on the action he brought against D&G for their use of his name on football style shirts at D&G’s its fashion show, without his permission.

Photos of the show in Naples can be found here.

The details of Maradona’s claim are not public but are most probably based on the EU trade mark registration ‘Maradano’ has for clothing.

Fashion and celebrity collaborations is big business. Exploiting your name as a brand is a hugely lucrative revenue stream for celebrities. Almost all known sports, music and entertainment personalities obtain trade mark protection for their name, or even signature in the case of Wayne Rooney. Using a celebrity name or image without permission risks trade mark infringement action and in some territories, action for unauthorised use of image rights and false endorsement.

The outcome of the case against D&G remains to be seen but it serves as a reminder to fashion designers to ensure that any reference to a well-known name is cleared with them first.

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